Financial Services:
Comprehensive financial services for individuals, businesses and organizations. This includes establishing highly defined goals, as well as, constructing and reviewing strategies.

Life Planning:
Life planning is a holistic approach to helping our clients build assets, and achieve wellness. Here we provide services like, budgeting, consumer counseling, credit management, pre-marital & divorce consultation, and investor psychology profiles.

Investment Management:
Marshall Wealth Management provides fee based investment mangement and commission based fixed insurance products through various insurance companies

Financial Education System:
-Marshall Wealth Management provides a system to obtain life-skills needed to manage money and build assets.  Through our web-based seminars and our live workshops and seminars, individuals gain the knowledge they need to reach their financial goals.

One of the tools we use is a series called, "Mini Moguls...Lessons in Money Management". This series promotes critical thinking skills through practical applications.


MiniMoguls: Lessons on Money Management for Kids (9-15 years)

Budgeting, Financial Management, Use of Credit, Goal Setting, Decision Making, Interest, Investing, and Entrepreneurship.

The MiniMoguls comic book series is designed to increase a student's awareness and understanding of financial concepts as they apply real life situations.  The curriculum, which has has been developed in accordance with national academic standards, is flexible and can be used as a teaching tool in a variety of subject areas. 

MiniMoguls  CampMoney is another way we reach students concerning money management. It is a week long camp which includes the curriculum and games associated with financial concepts. See Our Calendar for scheduled dates for camps.  

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