At Marshall Wealth Management, LLC a registered investment advisory firm, we specialize in financial education as a component of our wealth building agenda. This is accomplished through our numerous workshops and seminars throughout the community as well as our partnerships with churches, universities, magnet schools, and other civic organizations. Our goal is to help put wealth and prosperity within reach of more families through financial coaching.


About Us

Family is the cornerstone of our heritage, the foundation of our community, and the bridge to our future. Marshall Wealth Management, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm that helps build wealth in the African American Community.


We believe that education is a key to financial success, and therefore is a vital component of our wealth-building strategy. Marshall Wealth Management, LLC conducts workshops, seminars and discussions at churches universities and other facilities that further our mission to be focused and diligent in education supporting and advising diverse communities in the areas of financial planning, investment planning and wealth management.

Our Mission

At Marshall Wealth Management, LLC our mission is to be focused and diligent in educating, supporting, and advising diverse communities through professional and knowledgeable individuals in the area of financial services, life planning and investment management.

Here For You

The Marshall Wealth Management, LLC team is attentive, communicative and down-to-earth. We provide exceptional and tailored services to our clients, including the assurance of a dedicated support team. We believe it’s better to actually know the person managing your investments, and we take the time to nurture that relationship.



Every family started somewhere, and you start with what you've got. At Marshall Wealth Management, LLC, we have systems in place to help you build wealth for you and your family.  To take the first steps toward building wealth, provide your information and fill out the Confidential Client Questionnaire.

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Once you have completed the Client Questionnaire, please download it and email it to James@MarshallYourMoney.com.

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Marshall Wealth Management, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm registered in Texas and Kentucky. Insurance services also offered by Marshall Wealth Management.


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