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Mini Moguls Book cover_edited.jpg

Mini Moguls Future Billionaire: Lessons in Money Management

Kindle Edition

A financial comic book that uses cartoon characters to tell stories that teach youth about saving, investing and entrepreneurism.

Along the way they learn the value of participating in their financial future. They learn critical thinking skills and improve their core academic components of reading, writing and mathematics.

A Fool and His Money Book Cover.jpg

A Fool and his money: The financial education of Anthony Fool

Paper Back & Kindle Editions

This is a lighthearted approach to a serious subject: Wealth Building. In this book we are entertained by Anthony Fool’s interesting outlook on life, love and finances. But we are also educated by the sound financial advice provided by James Marshall. A Fool and his money is a continuation of the Edutainment approach James Marshall first used in his financial comic book, Mini Moguls Future Billionaire. Enjoy this easy read filled with knowledge and humor.

New Book Wealth book cover.jpg

Wealth: Unlock the Secrets to Creating and Protecting Black Family Prosperity

Paper Back & Kindle Editions

Wealth: Unlock the Secrets to Creating and Protecting Black Family Prosperity, the book captures the questions plaguing black families about money management and planning.  Wealth cuts through much of the mystery of effectively managing your money. Written in an easy to grasp language, the book imparts valuable knowledge on investing, college funding and taxes, giving insights into estate planning, retirement planning, insurance/risk management.

100 Wealth Building Secrets Cover- UPDAT

100 Wealth Building Secrets

Paper Back

Easy to read coffee table book featuring 100 Wealth Building Tips & Secrets.

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